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Getting rid of sugar in my diet
Going on a sugar detox

Preparing for a Sugar Detox

Once upon a time, I was 5 feet 4 inches and 115 pounds. After college, marriage, and two kids, I am still 5 feet 4 inches tall but I have ballooned to over 200 pounds (my weight fluctuate between 200 and 210 pounds). I used to enjoy exercising and had a lot of energy. I rarely ate any sweets. Nowadays, I load my morning coffee with tons of sugar and drink lots of tea with sugar or honey throughout the day.

I am constantly tired and sometimes listless. Not to mention I am embarrassed about the current status of my body. My family has a history of being overweight. Many of them developed health problems such as diabetes and cancer. My oldest child has been encouraging me to lose weight which I understand. He wants his mom to be healthy and would like a mom who can play sports without constantly being out of breathe.

My Husband is Not Ready to Give Up Junk Food

So I decided to go on a sugar detox. However, My husband is not ready to give up on sugar just yet. I had expressed to him several times that I would love to get rid of sugar from my diet. However, either he would bring home a bunch of junk food, I would grab some while shopping, or I would ask him to pick some up for me when he was out shopping. The cakes and other sweets would stay on counter or be placed in the sweet drawer which is where we kept other kitchen items. So it wasn’t as if I could have threw them in a draw and forget there were sweets. Our fridge would be stock with fruit yogurt and other cold sweets and our freezer filled with ice cream. I was constantly being bombarded with sweets. I would choose one, eat it, and tell myself I would start my detox on tomorrow (and tomorrow never came) or next week and even next month. Never happened. There would be time when I would binge on sugary food.



Sugar. Keep it Out of Sight and Out of Mind.

Since my husband isn’t ready to join me on this sugar detox journey, I’ve decided to take some measure to prevent sugar temptation from taking over. We have a small area of our kitchen that has been going unused located behind the kitchen door. Since there is an electrical outlet there, I had ordered a mini fridge.

This mini fridge will be used to store my husband’s unhealthy foods such as store brought fruit yogurt, ice cream, and cakes. I have placed two storage boxes on top of the mini fridge in case there are food he would like to buy dry goods for himself. He also was given a one drawer and a cabinet space. This was done so that the large fridge would have healthy, fresh food and our children will be more accustom to seeing only healthy food as oppose to both unhealthy and healthy food.

Don’t worry, he still have access to everything in the kitchen. Those areas: the one drawer, cabinet, mini fridge, and storage boxes are places, I will ignore during my sugar detox. Just need the unhealthy foods to be out of sight and out of mind so that I can reestablish a healthy eating habit in myself and my kids.

Quitting Cold Turkey or Slow and Steady?

I have done research and decided that quitting sugar cold turkey is right for me. I can’t tell anyone which is better because we each handle our addictions (be it sugar, food, smoking, alcohol, etc.) differently. Personally, I’m a “rip the bandaid off quickly” type person. I really don’t have the patience for “slow and steady”.

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